Why IEC Would Like To Win the Richard Branson & Virgin Unite Challenge

Richard Branson and Virgin Unite provided an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to share their ideas in the ‘Screw Business As Usual Challenge’. The ultimate prize being a unique opportunity to join a Connection Trip with Richard and Virgin Unite to South Africa in 2012, where the winner will meet frontline leaders and fledgling entrepreneurs. There were many amazing entries ~

The Karma Exchange, ‘Raise5’, NoPC, Midomo, Tours Transforming Lives, One Brand, Food Cycle, Sandbags Suck, Community Radio, Saving Mothers – Saving Lives, The Girl Effect, The Garbage Ladies ……. The list goes on and on.  The ideas truly were wide and varied. Each has merit and the pure potential to make a difference in many lives. The amazing fact was that so many people wanted to share ideas, so many people voted for their favourites and awareness has been raised for ‘Screwing business As Usual’ around the globe.

With so many amazing ideas why does IEC and its supporters believe in the idea of an Interactive Global Community Map?

With the Right Nurturing

IEC truly believes that the idea of an Interactive Global Community Map provides a solution that has a true global perspective. It is not  based on any one community, any one sector of life, any one country, any one issue … … it is based on Uniting People who need help, want to help, can help, etc with The Charities, Non-Profits and Community Projects, around the Globe, that are providing it. The ripple effect from that is huge, in fact some have said ‘mind-blowing!’

We realise that the idea is huge, yet as William Arthur Ward is quoted as having said ~


“Faith sees a beautiful blossom in a bulb, a lovely garden in a seed, and a giant oak in an acorn.”

The technology for creating the Interactive map – exists already. Now it is time for us to move to the next step – we have done the equivalent of ‘Market Research’ to test if people believe it would be ‘a force for good’. The reaction has been a resounding “Yes”.  IEC has done this with little or no budget – just a driving passion and pure belief that this is worth pursuing.

Jean Oelwang ~ CEO of Virgin Unite

One of the main challenges, of any charity, non-profit or community group, is generating year on year funding for operational costs. IEC believes that it has created a framework that will pave the way for it to be self-sustaining within 3-5 years.

In a recent interview, for the Huffington Post , Jean Oelwang, CEO of  Virgin Unite was quoted as saying ~

 “Our challenge is finding the great entrepreneurs wherever we are, and levering them to create entrepreneurial solutions to big problems.”

The article also says ~

“Oelwang understands that people want to change their own community for the better, instead of having someone do it for them. By harnessing this insight effectively, Virgin Unite is creating benefits that radiate on a global scale.”

We believe that the Connection Trip would provide IEC with the essential guidance that is needed to ensure that it has firm and lasting foundations.

I left school with no qualifications, I was a tearaway and became a single parent. My poor parents had many sleepless nights! Yet somewhere along the way I found a real passion in life, became a qualified trainer, had my own business for 9 years and stepped into the passion of If Everyone Cares. This is not a 5 minute wonder – I am and have been prepared to give up many things to get to this stage with the project. If Everyone Cares is not about me, I am just it’s voice at this moment (and I hope to continue to be). IEC is about the lives that it can and will change for the better globally.

There is so much that I want to say … … …  Perhaps this video interview will say it for me ~

If we had the funding to pay for a place on the connection trip then we would have. Our coffers are bare yet our passion and determination would create a light so bright that you could see it from space!

Should we be successful and if the prize has two tickets, IEC has two possibilities for who the second ticket would be for  (and this is with the total blessing of our volunteers) –

1 – If the judging panel is struggling with who to choose and it is between IEC and one other idea – then we would offer the second seat to a member from that idea – meaning two for the price of one.

2 – We would like to invite Susan Hyatt – Author of the book “Strategy for Good”  – Business Giving Strategies for the 21st Century. We feel that her expertise would be a positive benefit to everyone.

Susan Says ~

Giving back to local communities is a growing expectation for businesses coming from both outside and inside company walls. Strategy for Good shows how to create ‘all-win’ solutions that demonstrate your values, benefit the causes  you care most about, and boost your profitability. There are dozens of creative ways to give beyond the ‘ check-book philanthropy’ by following essential steps and guides to create you own ‘Strategy for Good’.

In Gratitude

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares
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