Which is Scarier – Doing ‘This’ or Walking Away?

Last week I found myself in a position where I needed to ask myself this question ~

Which is Scarier – Doing this or Not Doing This?

Wendy, one of my amazing mentors over the last few years, once told me that this was a question she asked herself if she was experiencing uncertainty. During the last 12 months I have often used this question as a gauge to my commitment to If Everyone Cares.

Let me be honest, during the last week ‘If Everyone Cares’ received the disappointing news that we had not been successful with our Lottery bid at this point in time or with our funding application with the Tudor Trust (more on that in our next blog). The news was gutting, mainly because I had a few scary personal decisions to make .

Most of you know that the idea of ‘If Everyone Cares’ beganas a ‘Dream’ and it has grown enormously since the first seed of an idea was planted. However what a lot of people don’t know is that I have been funding the project out of my own pocket. I gave up my job and have been working full time on it for about 2 years. I have learnt a lot along the way, made quite a few ‘mistakes’, taken detours up ‘blind alleys’, got some things right, grown in confidence, made some amazing friends, met some incredible people and become even more determined that this more than just a dream – it can become a reality and really will help to strengthen individuals and communities around the globe.

Two years ago I had no mortgage and no debts – that is not the case now. I would be under estimating it if I said that the figure was small (I can’t put it here as my mother might read it!). Now I am not bleating or whinging, I went into this with my eyes open and thought about what the worst could be – Needing to sell my home and decided that the risk was worth it.

Last week when the news came through I had to sit back and seriously decide if I was really prepared to do that, sell my home, or was it time for me to call it quits and say ‘I tried’, ‘I gave it my best’. It took me about 5 minutes to come to my decision – it would be scarier to walk away than to keep moving forward. If Everyone Cares has become my passion in life, in fact it has become the main part of my life!

If Everyone Cares has a small dedicated team of volunteers, each of us is working hard behind the scenes, there is lots going on. We believe that we can achieve this and that within 3 years If Everyone Cares can be self funding and within 5 years we can be helping to raise money for other projects around the world.

During a meeting this week I was told that the goal was too big and that we should start small. I really listened to what was being said and perhaps that is an option. The thing is that even starting it small the software needs to be created and then if the software exists … …. I realise and have always said ‘This project is not about me, it is about the positive change that it can have in peoples lives and then the ripple effect that comes from that’.

Every successful ‘thing’ or business in the world started with someone having an idea and that person taking action, finding the right connections, learning along the way and most of all not giving up. I’m not giving up.

Am I scared – Yes

Does this give me sleepless nights – Yes

Do I get bogged down sometimes with the things I should have done – Yes

Do I get back up again each time – Yes

Do I believe that ‘out there’ there is an individual or a company that can see the enormous benefits that will be gained by what we are trying to achieve – Yes

Do I believe that one or more of those people will sponsor us – Yes

So I am standing back up again and pressing forward, from every action there is something to be learned and we are learning every day :)

Please may I ask you to share this blog and what If Everyone Cares is aiming to achieve – your share could reach the person who will sponsor us or have the connections to help us find sponsorship ~ In Gratitude

and the Team at If Everyone Cares

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