What is Inspiration?


I saw this question ~ What is Inspiration? ~ on TED talks – it stirred my brain cells into action and here is my quick 5 minute answer … …

Inspiration is that magic moment when there is a buzz of clarity, a zing in every cell of your body, a knowingness that this idea that has formed in your mind will make a difference in some way – be it small or large.

Inspiration is that moment where energy, passion, motivation, creativity and more merge in our senses.

Inspiration can be nothing more than a fleeting feeling – as unless we take action it can slip away in the blink of an eye, an illusion, a dream ~ something that held possibility for that fraction of a second and then was lost in the haze of ‘reality’ and ‘fear’ of stepping out of the box and doing something different.


Inspiration can be everything ~ it can create change, uplift, motivate, generate, inspire, change the world … … … …

As Margaret mead once said

Never Doubt That a Small Group
Of Committed People Can
Indeed, It Is The Only Thing
That Ever Has
Margaret Mead

So to me Inspiration is the Key to Everything – It is the Spark to the Flame, The Water to the Seed and so much more.

In Gratitude

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