What a Week!


The Interactive Community Map

The Journey to creating The Interactive Community Map (ODODOW) has had it’s ‘Ups and Downs’. This Last week has been no exception.

At the end of the day the concept of creating the The Map started as a fleeting idea, born out of frustration. I had no experience in this area, however I had a vision of how it could and would benefit individuals and communities. I am just an ordinary person, a mum, a grandma, a daughter, A Friend … …

Two of my friends believed in the idea so much that they volunteered to help me create the Map, without Jason and David we wouldn’t be where we are today ~ Which is very close to launching Phase One of ODODOW (One Deed ~ One Day ~ One World).

What I would like to do is share a bit of the last 10 days.

Just over a week ago my computer was playing up and in the process of trying to sort it out the tech ‘guy’ on the end of the phone decided that the best idea would be to delete everything and then use my back-up to re-install. It sounded a terrifying idea, I trusted him and that is what we did. However – for some reason my back-ups weren’t there. The oldest back up I had was May last year. To say that I was ‘gutted’ would be an understatement.

I always try to find a positive, OK, I had lost family photos, everything – but – I had everything for If Everyone Cares and ODODOW in Dropbox. I could breathe a sigh of relief for the project.

That relief was short lived – sadly when I re-installed the old back-up Dropbox ‘thought’ that the files were new files and over-wrote and deleted all the content that I had thought was safe! Taking away 9 months of work – leaving me in shock. I remember walking in a daze to my son’s bedroom, sitting on the bed and just looking at him. I struggled to even say the words!

There was a happy ending – After 36 hours and some miracle working – we got everything, except for two days work, back.



On Monday I had been invited to attend an event. When I arrived I was told that ‘If Everyone Cares’ had been awarded a Grant to help with the development of the Interactive Map – That was amazing news and it got better, we would have a grant manager and access to some really useful resources. Thank You UnLtd.

While I was there my son rang me to say that our boiler had broken down, it was only 3 degrees C outside, no heating, no hot water!

2Day Microportals

Next it was on to an amazing meeting with a gentleman – Richard. The founder and owner of 2Day MicroPortals. Wow – what he  has created as local resources is brilliant. Richard loves our project and is happy to support us – watch this space there is a long term connection beginning here. At If Everyone Cares we believe in creating and building mutually beneficial partnerships and our intent is for them to be long term.

The following day – more computer issues, my mouse stopped working, which in turn stopped me working. Another 36 hours of realising how dependent I am on computers!

Also that day the news that a section of the dividing garden wall between my home and the house next door is a bit unstable and needs to be replaced. It is not just any wall, it is also a retaining wall as the property next door is on ground 5ft higher than mine!

Time to end this share – but not without ending on a huge positive.

Yesterday evening, Matt, our incredibly generous developer (who is volunteering his time and expertise to create Phase One of the Interactive Community Map) sent me a link to the work that he is doing. OK it is a basic starting point – but it is amazing. ODODOW is happening, it is becoming a reality and we are getting really excited. We don’t have an actual launch date yet – but please watch this space because what started as an idea, what came from a little bit of frustration and a big bit of inspiration, is now becoming a reality.

No matter what my weeks hold there is no greater reward than knowing that this Online Community Resource is going to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

In Gratitude

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and the Team at If Everyone Cares

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