Week 1 – Virgin Unite – Update

What an amazing week it has been for If Everyone Cares. Our entry in to Richard Branson and Virgin Unite’s ‘challenge’ to “Screw Business as Usual by bringing more meaning to our lives and helping change the world at the same time” went live on Friday 13th – the response has been beyond my wildest dreams.
My inbox on Facebook has been full with such a positive reaction and a willingness to support – Here are just a few ~

“You know in my opinion Jaki…most people are willing to help, so keep asking and watch what happens… the Universe WILL provide ”

“Done, done and done  Great idea Jaki. You have my full support, if you need anything else just ask! I wish you all the best with this “

“This is brilliant! I tweeted it and like it. I don’t have the Google account but I think you’ll do well. It’s a great concept and I wish you all the best. I’ll post it on my page as well.”

“Good luck as ever and I look forward to celebrating another phase in the development of your project with you. Keep on keeping on and keep me posted.”

On Tuesday 17th IEC received an email from Virgin Unite to inform has that we were one of their monthly winners – not even 4 days after entering! It was quite a moment :)

Notification from Virgin

This great news and the amazing support that our project was getting gave me a new goal – I really wanted to get our entry onto the Virgin Unite Leader Board. I have to admit to having spent hours upon hours of contacting friends, colleagues, contacts … ….  Social media has ended up being a gift. Put that together with the amazing number of people who have been happy to share with their friends and contacts – well we achieved it.

Before I tell you more – I want to say that it has not been all plain sailing. Over 1000 emails were sent out this week – of all of the messages that I got in response there was one that totally shocked me. The response was angry and challenged me as to why I had contacted him, what would his inbox be like if everyone did that and ….. I responded immediately with an apology and stated that as he had requested me as a friend on Facebook I had felt he wouldn’t mind. I was sorry for taking up his time and causing upset. I said that obviously if he wanted to unfriend me then I would understand why. He did and I do.

I had another email – from a wonderful lady – she explained why she would not be voting, she felt that the video was not clear enough …  …  This turned out to be an amazing email – I will post a specific blog about this, as I know this is getting a bit long!

Some other emails I have received have been from people who have started community projects already. The reaction has been that they truly feet that IEC and the Global Community Map would help them enormously. Over the next few weeks I am going to post a few blogs on some of the people and projects who have made contact – so watch this space.

Back to the Leader Board – We Made it! On 20th January we were placed 4th.  Now it is imperative for IEC that we stay in the Top Five – that way we will get to the final judging part of this Challenge. I have no personal desire to get to number 1 on the leader board – yes it would be amazing, however the key thing is to stay in the Top 5. Then it will literally be down to the judges choice, all of our prayers and our total belief in the fact that this project really can make a difference in peoples lives around the globe.

What an amazing week – All I can say is a massive Thank you to each of you for your support – Without each of you this would probably be impossible. This is not my project – This is OUR project and each of you is a voice that will help it to build momentum :)

In Gratitude

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares

PS – If You haven’t voted yet – here is the link – If Everyone Cares – Virgin Unite (the video takes about 15 seconds to load)

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