Daily Inspiration – We Choose Our Attitudes

We Choose What Attitude We Have Right Now

And it is a Continuing Choice

~ John Maxwell

I am sure that you will have heard this again and again. I mean it is so obvious – Each of us is in control of the attitude we choose in any moment.

I can only ever speak from my own personal experience – however I know that it took me years to realise this. I used to live on auto-pilot, allowing my pre-programmed responses to just happen – and then I would often have to struggle with the consequences. Once I learnt that it was actually me and my thoughts that chose my actions, reactions, good or bad attitude etc – well it was as though someone had opened the cage to the ‘trapped’ life that I had been living.

So take control of your attitude – choose one that improves your life and the life of those around you.

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In Gratitude

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