Together We Can ~ Be The Change We Want to See in The World

For the last few weeks I have been saying a prayer, looking for an answer.

How could a Video be created, with a cast of thousands from around the world, with a New Global I Have a Dream Speech – using the words of of individuals, straight from the heart.

Today my prayer was answered –

I woke up (Thank you), checked my emails and then onto facebook, went to my home feed and there was the answer – one person had shared a link from another persons page it was a youtube video of A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong (@Eric Whitacre)

Below is the link – I have also ‘favourited’ it on the IEC Community channel on Youtube

If Eric Whitacre can achieve this – then I am sure that Together We Can To!

A Massive Thank You to @Carole Hodges for sharing the link via @Lynn Rose

In Gratitude




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