The Ripple Effect

‘Why doesn’t it exist already?’

If Everyone Cares has an audacious goal – nothing small – to connect every single Charity, Non-Proffit and Community Organisation/Project in the World through An Interactive Global Community Map (using technology similar to that of Google Earth).

A few have said it can’t be done and who am I to think I can do it. One of those people said it quite bluntly and a couple have said it with a look of ‘poor delusioned woman’ in their eyes. I admit that sometimes I feel as though I agree with them, sometimes I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I feel fear at the enormity of it – I am human (ok – some may say that is debatable!)

‘Why hasn’t this been done already?’

Yet at the end of the day I say ‘if not me then who?’ Will we all sit back and wait for someone else to do this? I know that I have been guilty in the past of ‘grumbling’ about things not being ‘right’, of moaning, things like …

‘Why don’t ‘they’ do it this way or that way’. I know that I always had time to ‘whinge’ about what wasn’t right in the world – yet never had time to do anything about it! That has changed now.

I truly believe that this can be done and that it will make a difference in many, many lives. So do many many others.

The Interactive Global Community Map could literally save lives! No I am not being dramatic – I am being real.

Let me give you an example – Bullying! Have you ever been bullied or felt intimidated? Thousands upon Thousands of children (and adults) around the world are bullied daily. Some sadly feel that the only way out is suicide. It is a fact, a very sad fact. Those children are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, … … They mattered.

Have you heard of Jeremiah’s Hope?  for most I am assuming the answer is no. Jeremiah’s Hope is a facebook page (and soon to be website) and was started –

” … in memory of a beloved son, Jeremiah, who died by suicide on October 22, 2006 at age 21. Jeremiah wrote that being bullied made him feel like a loser. Our mission is to support efforts to create kind and caring schools.”

His mother, Ann, says –

Our mission is to support efforts and be a resource in creating kind and caring schools and communities. I, Ann (Jeremiah’s mom), am finishing up my Master’s degree in Community Psychology with a focus on bullying prevention. I am also a certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer. I am a resource to students, parents, teachers, schools and communities in creating safe and caring environments for all.

One day I just happened to see a post from Ann, it was pure chance. I visited the page and read the story. It could have been my story, I was just a bit luckier – you see one of my children was bullied at school. At the time I did not know where to turn for help, or how to find others who were experiencing the same. I did not know the signs to look for.

Ann & Jeremiah’s Hope are a resource that many, many families, individuals and schools could really benefit from. Yet many may never find it. Imagine if it were as simple as going to The Global Community Map. A few clicks and support is found, that feeling of being so alone can be lessened by knowing you are not the only one, by seeing stories of hope, by being able to reach out in moments of despair. You may say I am being dramatic – yet if you have never been to that edge, well, it is hard to describe and for your sake I hope that you never find yourself there.

Today, March 17th 2012, would have been Jeremiah’s 27th Birthday. His family are celebrating with him in spirit, they will spend time in his garden and eat his favourite food … … Happy Birthday Jeremiah.

Here is a video that I found on Jeremiah’s page – these are faces of young people who, because of bullying, are no longer with us ~

Back to the Interactive Global Community Map ~ Yes we are still in the start up phase of making this happen, we are gaining & raising awareness daily ~ If you haven’t seen our video entry to Richard Branson & Virgin Unite’s Challenge to ‘Screw Business as Usual’ – then please, please support us by clicking HERE (The Video takes about 15 seconds to load automatically – please be patient) – Help us to make The Interactive Global Community Map a reality. Your vote really can make a difference – you matter, your voice matters and you can help to be the change that we want to see in this world.

‘Sometimes Simple is Best’

In Gratitude

and the Team at If Everyone Cares

Jeremiah’s Hope

Ann’s mission is to support efforts and be a resource in creating kind and caring schools and communities.She gives presentations telling their story, along with what she has learned about bullying prevention.

A New Era ~ The Decade of Change

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