The Power of Networking

Networking – It is not that many years since the thought of networking would have had me running for cover, locking the front door and closing the curtains! I truly mean that. It s only just over 4 years since I suffered so badly with panic attacks that a good description for how I lived my life was ‘Functioning Agoraphobic” – I only left my home if I really had to!

Yet today I have just returned home from three weeks of Networking in America! Three amazing events filled with people who are stepping out into the world and making a difference.

First – I attended, by invitation, The Global Women’s Summit in Los Angeles. It was hosted by Paula Fellingham from The Women’s Information Network Online. It was a powerful and Inspirational weekend. I was invited to the events both the day before and after the summit and then to the five year planning meeting the day after. It was amazing. During my time there I met Ambassador Mokhtar Lamani – who now supports If Everyone Cares, that was such an amazing moment, it was a bit like getting validation for following the dream and taking action.

Next – I attended an event called High Performance Academy, which is hosed by one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard. It was a high energy weekend – with over 600 motivated attendees. On the first day I met Travis – I really do love the way that the Universe brings the right people together at the right time. Travis is one very smart gentleman who in just a few minutes outlined a powerful way of how Charities, Non-Profits and Community Organisation could be marked on Google Earth – Now I know that the aim is to create our own Interactive Global Community Map, however gaining an understanding of how technology can be used is a learning curve that I really need. So watch this space we are on our way!

Last but by no means least – I went back to Santa Clara (after a few days with a friend in Sonoma) to attend the first conference for the launch of the Experts Industry Association. Now I have to be honest this event had a two fold purpose. It was both for If Everyone Cares and for my private work. To me it is really important that If Everyone Cares has full integrity and transparency. I never want anyone to have any reason to question the motives behind this project.

I have come home with a list longer than my arm of things to do, of steps to take, people to contact, leads to follow up … …  well the list goes on and on.

I will try to post more often – to keep you up-dated, informed, in the loop – however you want to describe it. At the moment our team consists of two amazing volunteers and myself. If you would like to volunteer or believe that you can support us in any way then please do get in contact ~

In Gratitude


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