Simple is Great!

This morning one of my great friends on Facebook, Caroline Jones, shared a video – it lasted just 3.5 minutes and it left a tear in my eye. When I breathed in it was as though someone had given my heart a little boost and my brain a kick!

The video was simple, A UK radio station, Classic FM, had assembled a group of the finest musicians and singers and surprised shoppers in a supermarket with an impromptu performance!

The looks on people’s faces, the smiles, the touches – These are things that build memories, things that will be talked about for years to come and each time the story is shared it will touch even more lives. This simple act will generate similar reactions to the one I had in peoples lives around the world – That is powerful!

If Everyone Cares is all about the good that is going on in the world, I realise that this is not a Charity, Non-Profit or Community Project that I am sharing – yet I think it is worth sharing anyway. The concept behind it is simple – bringing a smile and beauty into the lives of strangers – we can all do that in one way or another.

Wishing you a wonderful day ~ In Gratitude

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares

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