Simple Ideas can Improve the Quality of Life

Simple ideas really can improver quality of life. Music – it has been proved that it can benefit the lives of those who appear to have lost their connection with ‘the world’.

I am sharing this video because one thing that saddens me in this day and age is the fact that, no matter how ‘civilised’ we all seem to think we are, there are hundreds of thousands of ‘forgotten’ people in this world. The word ‘community’ does not seem to mean the same anymore. If Everyone Cares want to bring not only the meaning of community back – but the feeling of being part of a valued community as well. Not forgetting anyone.

This video is not directly about a community – it is about how one lady, who did not give up, found a simple way to awaken this wonderful gentleman from his own ‘prison’. This story epitomises the power of caring, the power of not giving up, of not assuming … … This video shows that one person at a time we can bring back the true meaning of community – It just takes one person + one person + one person …. …..  The ripple effect, The domino effect, The Butterfly effect – what ever you want to call it, it leads to a better, more caring, more connected world!

In Gratitude

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares


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