Scary and Exciting

It is a while since I have posted a blog. Lots has been going on in the background. Some things have been achieved – for example our facebook page has gone from 500 strong to just over 1400 – in about 8 weeks!! Thank you :) Then there are other things that I really feel I could do better on. There are some days when I feel a bit like an explorer discovering new territories! As there is no official map out there that tells IEC which is the correct path.

IEC ,at the moment, is made up of a small team of three volunteers and then 1400+ amazing ‘facebook family members’ who are helping us to spread the word by sharing posts and clicking like. Thank you :)

Some of you have signed up to our mailing list and may be wondering why you haven’t had any updates! My sincere apologies – time runs away from me and let’s be honest I am not too sure where to find the hours and it means learning how to use the program that sets it all up for me – I know I should.

If you’ll allow me I would like to give you a little history about IEC and me.

I Gave Up My Job

In May 2010 I took a huge leap of faith – I gave up my job as a trainer to follow my passion of making a difference. I was in the process (and still am) of writing a book – The Emotional Baggage Diet. I had some savings – enough for 12 months and thought I would just ‘go for it’. I had had a few health scares and thought ‘what the heck’. I started attending trainings in both Europe and the US as I wanted to improve my skills as a Coach, Trainer and Speaker.

“A Youtube Video Changed the Direction of My Life”

At one of the Trainings I saw a Youtube video and experienced a life changing moment. The video was Nickleback – If Everyone Cared. The experience was being taken on stage and walked through ‘My death scene’ – yes literally I was lead through the visualisation of being at the side of my grave and feeling all of the feelings of missed opportunities, things that I wished I had done. It was devastating, that feeling deep inside – it was a t a cellular level. Then I was walked through the feelings of being in the same place if I had taken action, if I had acted on my dreams. The feeling was incredible – like nothing I have ever experienced before.

If Everyone Cares Was Born

I went home from that training and purchased the website that you are on today. It took me nearly 12 months before I had the courage to launch it and declare my dream of having every single Charity, Non-Profot and Community organisation in the world brought together and marked on an Interactive Global Community Map that uses technology similar to that of Google Earth. There is no global hub for projects and charities yet the benefit of one would be huge, the knock on effect enormous from many different perspectives. For those who need help, want to help, don’t have the time but have the funds to help, for companies who want to support either through donations or seconding their staff …. ….. ….. The list is endless.

The Scary and Exciting Part

I truly believe that this is possible. Yet I need to be honest here as well. This is where the scary bit comes in. I only had funds to survive for a year – and when I made my decision to give up my job it was because I was planning on writing the book and delivering training and coaching to companies and individuals. Yet on the journey If Everyone Cares took priority over earning money! Some may say that is foolish. To a certain degree I agree with them, yet I would not change a thing that I have done in the last 17 months. The end goal is too important. There have been some amazing lessons on the way!

 “I Reached A Massive Decision the Other Day”

At this moment in time I have reached a ‘crossroads’. Money ran out a few months ago – so credit cards have become my friend! I don’t like having debt. However I like the idea of stepping back from If Everyone Cares even less! So I reached a massive decision. I decided that I could sell my home and move to somewhere smaller, that would release some funds. Unfortunately when I looked into it I discovered that actually it did not make much difference as the cost of moving etc and paying back my small mortgage, then buying a smaller place would only leave me better off by a couple of hundreds pounds a month – it was not enough to benefit IEC. Ugg – was the feeling that hit me. What else could I do?

I am being totally open & trusting. I am putting my idea out to the Universe. I am looking for an Angel Investor. For the sum of about £100k – for two years and in return – if I can not repay the investment – they can have my house! (Which after the mortgage is repaid will have more than enough to repay the investment) So in effect the investment is secure – they will get their money back and I will get two years to make this work!!! Two years gives time to build momentum, to take action, to get this project well under way and it also means that I have a roof over mine and my youngest son’s head in the process.

You May Be Asking ~ But How Will You Get The Money To Be Able To Give It Back?

This is something that I have really struggled with as If Everyone Cares is not about raising money or anybody earning money from it – IEC is about raising awareness. I am a great speaker, coach and trainer – yet have not been so good at charging people! I just love giving!

The other day I was watched an amazing lady speak – Cynthia Kersey. She really makes a difference in this world and manages to combine it with earning a living and making a difference. Her message was clear, and I hope that I share it in a way that does justice to what she said and what she does. Cynthia travels the world telling her story, of how her life changed by giving. She inspires and motivates hundreds of thousands of people and in turn the ripple effect from her words and actions makes a difference in the lives of even more people. She gets paid from it, enabling her to give back again and again and again.

I would like to do the same.

“Never Doubt That a Small Group of Committed People Can Change The World

Indeed, It is the Only Thing That Ever Has”

Margaret Mead

What Will The Money Be Used For?

The Money is broken down into a few things

  1. I need to live for the next 2 years – but I don’t need much
  2. I would like to pay someone to help with the websites and social media for the next 2 years
  3. I would like to pay someone to be a part time assistant/virtual assistant – to help with some of the tasks for the next 2 years
  4. I need to pay back my credit card – sorry that is the honest truth and full transparency & integrity is important to me
  5. There are some networking/training opportunities that I would like to attend – I am good with a budget – for example I have just managed to get a flight from the UK to Los Angeles for just the taxes (£103!) (The flight to Los Angeles is due to the fact that The Women’s Information Network has offered me some free training and to attend an event – so I am going and then I am going to stay to be of service for them when they hold another event the following weekend) My flight back will be from San Jose to the uk and that only cost me $116 (there is another event there a couple of weeks after the one in LA – This one will be to sign up to an Experts Code of Conduct – as I believe it is important that  everything IEC does is done with complete integrity)

I know that I am taking another huge risk by putting this out there. Heck you could all get up in arms and say who is this woman to be so cheeky. Who does she think she is. You may think – she’ll never achieve that. Or you may just believe that I can do this – I hope you do because it is the feedback that I get from so many of you, the positivity and the hope that I hear and read in your comments and messages that spurs me on.

I truly believe that I would be taking more of a risk by not doing this.

If you know of a possible Angel Investor, If you have any contacts at all – Please pass this on to them.

In Total Gratitude

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