IEC – Is Creating It’s Latest Wall of Gratitude

If Everyone Cares believes that it is essential to say Thank You & we are in the process of building our latest Wall of Gratitude. It isn’t too late to jump on board – all you need to do is click the link to our entry in Richard Branson and Virgin Unite’s Challenge to “Screw Business As Usual” – then if you like our idea of creating An Interactive Global Community Map that pin-points every single Charity, Non-Profit and Community Project in the World – just vote for us by clicking ‘Like’ or ‘Tweet’ – it is as simple as that.

Here’s the link ~ If Everyone Cares – on Virgin Unite.

If you have Twitter then please Tweet from the link by the video – this counts as a vote and also can be re-tweeted to spread the message. If you have already Tweeted – please may we ask you to Tweet again – every Tweet Counts!

Please Note – If you only have facebook, and you would like your picture to be included, please go to our Facebook Page and let us know that you have voted – that way we can add your picture – to our picture. If Everyone Cares Facebook Page. (Sadly the way the links are  structured we have no access to see who has voted)

Above are some of the Tweeters that we have located so far – If have already voted and you aren’t on the list please leave a comment at the bottom – with your Twitter or Facebook ‘Handle’ and we will add you. Our apologies if we have missed anyone out :) Also at the end of this email – please scroll down to see some of our supporters clue up – with links to their Twitter Pages.

Virgin Challenge Update

At the time of writing this blog If Everyone Cares is in the Top 10 (4th Position). Voting is heating up and nothing is a certainty. We only need to stay in the Top 10 to then have our idea put forward to the Judging panel. The Prize – A connection Trip with Richard Branson and a group of entrepreneurs, would be an amazing opportunity for If Everyone Cares. To help it to build strong and lasting foundations. Our video entry just touches the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ of our overall aims.
The Challenge itself has generated a larger more rounded set of goals for IEC to achieve. Each of them bringing in different sectors of communities, each of them designed to strengthen those same communities and heighten awareness for all of the good that is being done and can be done. Also, having seen some of the amazing entries, If  Everyone Cares believes that strategic collaboration is the way to move forward.

Sharing some of our Twitter Supporters

Now to share some of the links to some of the amazing people who have supported IEC ~ as they say in competitions – They are in no particular order :)

Ruth Crone Ruth Crone

Sara Jane Sara Jane

Dave Smith Dave Smith

Caroline Winn Caroline Winn

 Giselle Irsigler

 Caroline & Davina

 Clare Darwish

 Neil Farley


 James and Helen

 More Inspiration Now

Tatsuo Okaya Tatsuo Okaya

Michelle Craft Michelle Craft

 Demi Landau

 Ian Adkins

 Gemma Phelan

 Janie Jordan Meier


 Lucie Twindle

TracyRepchuck Tracy Repchuck


Irene Ross Irene Ross

 Steve Mahaney

Tabitha Wild Tabitha Wild

Susan Hyatt Susan Hyatt

Mark Semple Mark Semple


Sue Haswell Sue Haswell

Soozi Soozi Hadj Lazib

 Shridhara M Shetty

Rick Beneteau Rick Beneteau

My Social Garden My Social Garden

 RJ McHatton

 Martin Thomas

 Martin Burt


 Mark Hayes

 Maria Semple

 Nancy Shields

 Magenta Pixie

 Kenneth Saywell

 Kellie Frazier

 John Spender

 Kasia Rachfall


 Karios Leadership

 Julie Nelson


 Paul Grout

 Gilly Peat
 Dr Elizabeth Lombardo

 John Barton

 Detre W Tarbert


 Donna Powell

 Jennifer Gattellaro

 Arvind Devalia

 April Hunter

 Eleanore Duyndam

 Femi Jaiyeoba


 Florencia Jacovella


 Chris Rowell

 Harith Alsardy

 Gwyn Gilliss

 Heather Vale

 Brenda Maer

 Jan Kearney

 Lana Larder

 Carole and Ivan


 Cate K

 Fatima Jones

 Mary Wollengart

 Maggies Wish

 Polly Jacobi

 Rebecca Diacoula

 Lou MacDonald


Lottie Lavender

 Shelley Whitehead

 Betsy Modglin

 Geoff Irvine

 Hannah Davis

 George Artz

 Christina Aros

 Cynthia Burke


Jamie Smart 

Carla Rieger

 Beyond Diagnosis

 Angie Boulton

 Helen Ronnenbergh

 Andy Moore

 Bliss Johns

 Dawn McIntyre

 Ceri Burrows


 Charitie Connor

 Carlos Rios

 Carole Hodges

 Petra Schumann

 Manuel M

 Andrew Whalan

 Brett Marlin

David Booke



 Dinesh Daryani

 Kimberly Coots

 Lisa Villa Prosen

 Louise Goulding

Lee Hird

 Melanie Strick

 Peter Parry




 Life Can Bee Funny 

 Nikhl Rughani

 Urban Marcen


 Laura Witjens

 Calvin moseki

 New Language Learning

 World’s Daughter


 Peter John Booth

 Debra Davis

 Yvonne Halling


 Zoe Dyer

 Zohra Lasaad

 Vicki Irvin

 Yolanda Felize


 Christal A. Champion


 Amelia Mims



 Adrian Mairosi

 Victoria Carter

 Candice Cotterill


 Babis Gakis

 Lilian Cheng

 China Blue


 Clean Ocean Energy

 Alistair Grogan

 Loreta Narbutiene

 Albert A Caruthers



 Daniel C Phillips

 Elaine Allcroft


 Naomi Ebert Smith

 Fatimah Musa

 Saleem Shafi



I hope that you have found your image here – if not please let me know and I will do my best to include it. If Everyone Cares truly wants to acknowledge those who have taken time out of their day to support us during the Richard Branson and Virgin Unite Challenge to “Screw Business as Usual”.

Please remember that even if you have tweeted already you can Tweet again and it will count as a vote. You can also ReTweet other peoples Tweets to help us expand our reach and raise awareness.

In Gratitude

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares


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