Richard Branson & Virgin Unite Challenge

Back in November, when I was in the USA, I heard about a ‘Challenge’ by Sir Richard Branson & Virgin Unite to “Screw Business as Usual” by bringing more meaning to our lives and helping change the world at the same time.  Sir Richard was and is asking for people to share their ideas. I have to admit I was so excited as If Everyone Cares and its aims fits the profile beautifully.

Sadly on my return to the UK my world was turned upside down by my father passing away. For me, for a while everything to do with IEC was put to one side. Thoughts of making our video entry were put to one side.

Now 8 weeks later I am happy to let you know that the video is done. It was uploaded to the Virgin Unite website on January 5th (my eldest son’s 28th Birthday) and it went live for voting on Friday 13th January (I believe that date is going to bring us good luck). I have to admit that I had been praying for it to go live on 9th Jan as that would have been my father’s 81’st Birthday. No worries though.

The support and positive feedback that we have received for the video is outstanding. In the first 24 hours we had over 200 votes, then it went to 300, 400,

Votes at 9.40am on 16th Jan 2012

500, 600 and it is still climbing steadily which is fantastic and a true testament to the feedback that I had been getting from people during my travels and networking this last 12 months.

There is more amazing news – when we got to hour 68, of the video going live, I received an email from Virgin Unite – here is a clip from it –

Virgin Unite Email Clip

Email Clip from Virgin Unite – 14.02 on 16th January 2012

As you may imagine I was over the moon. At the time of receiving the email one of IEC’s volunteers was working with me and the other was on speaker phone – the mood was jubilant, the smiles were huge! Then a strange reality kicked in – this was no longer just a dream that we had been working on, discussing, planning and setting 10 year goals for – this was and is reality – we really can achieve this.

Please don’t get me wrong – I have never doubted it, I truly believe in the whole concept of IEC, I believe in every single thing about it – Yet in that moment it was as though a huge breakthrough had been made and … …. I really do not know how to describe it.

Now we move to the next stage of the Virgin Unite and Richard Branson Challenge – the next level is getting onto the Top 5 Leader-board, and then staying there for the rest of the competition. At present IEC is potentially there – yet there is a large gap between our number of votes and the leader.

I know we can do this – I also know that every vote we get shows that there is public support and backing for bringing together every Charity, Non-profit and Community project in the World on a Global Community map. I know from the feedback I have had when people really understand the full benefits, the ripple effects within communities, the global possibilities of what If Everyone Cares aims to achieve.
To do this If Everyone Cares needs your help, your support – please share the link for our video on Virgin Unite, please Tweet about it, Post it on Facebook, Send Emails to your friends, if you have a contact list or newsletter please share If Everyone Cares with them, If you are a journalist or have contacts – please get in touch with us, radio shows, television, let’s think outside the box – because

If Everyone Cares, Together We Can, Together We Will, Be the Change that We Want to See in the World and this Will Be the Decade that goes down in History as The Decade of Change


In Gratitude

 and the IEC Team

Link for voting – you can Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘G+1’ just once each – however if you have a twitter account you can go back each day and tweet and that will be a vote – Thank you :)

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