OK IEC Didn’t Win Officially – Yet In Other Ways We Really Did!

OK – If Everyone Cares was not the Winner of The Virgin Unite and Richard Branson Challenge, we didn’t win the connection trip with an amazing group of entrepreneurial minds – yet in other ways we truly were winners. The support that has been shown to our idea is immense – we have been blown away by it.

Yes of course we are disappointed, we would not be telling the truth if we said that we weren’t. We will take everything that is positive from the whole experience and use it towards making this happen. It may take a little longer or it may have brought us to the attention of the people who can help us to ‘Pull this Off’!

The Raise 5 Team

It is time to give a shout out to the winners – they are a group of amazing young people who have taken action and created something quite remarkable ~ Raise 5 – Please check out their website and how you can get involved :) Also their – Winners Blog.

Once we saw their brilliant entry video we actually signed up to ‘buy’ one of their services – A Video for IEC – We are really happy with the end result and would love for you to take a look and leave us some feedback :)

The Video is not ‘Officially’ Public yet as we are waiting for permission to use the track –  however we thought that you might like a quick ‘peek’ – please leave a comment on our Youtube page and share with your friends – help us to raise awareness of our goals.

On a final note ~ Do You Know Someone Who Can Help Us?

Do You Know Anyone with Funding Experience?

Do You Have A Skill that Would Help Us With Achieving Our Goal?

Do You Have Any Suggestions?

We Would Love to Hear From You :))

Please do pass this on – your share may be the share that helps IEC to be noticed by the person who helps us to succeed with creating The Interactive Global Community Map. – Thank you

Signing Off for now ~ As Always in Gratitude

 and the very small IEC Team

IEC is indebted to Susana Goncalves for our New Video. We asked Susana if she would share a little about herself Click here to see more on our Gratitude Page.


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