Next Steps and Passion :))

Each day I try to take steps that will help to move If Everyone Cares closer to the end goals.

Each day I try to think of ways to bring If Everyone Cares to the attention of more people.

Each day my belief and motivation for the outstanding outcomes that we can and will achieve become stronger.

This last week has been spent trying to come up with a brief outline of what If Everyone Cares is about, what the goals are, what steps we need to take and I can honestly tell you that the vision is big and I am so passionate about it that I am struggling!!!! Brevity is not my forte.

Do you know someone who is good with words? Do you know someone who could listen to me talk and then take that passion and distill it into powerful and effective points, that help to get the message out there.

I have just spent a few hours watching you tube videos showing some of the amazing things that are going on in the world. Inspiring community projects, often started by one person who wants to make a difference, who wants to make the world a better place. So often we never know they exist. We live our lives not knowing what is round the corner, in the next town … …

I can’t remember where I read it – but apparently studies have shown that our lives improve when we give back, when we become part of a team or community.

So If Everyone Cares is about improving your life and the same time as helping others. It is not about the dreaded ‘M’ word, money.

It is about knowing that Together We Can … … and Together We Will … … Be the change we want to see in the world.

I know that this blog post – and the front page tell you nothing really about what If Everyone Cares plans to achieve. That is why I could do with some help in creating the pages that will highlight the goals, inspire action and push it to the next level!

Who do you know?

Can You Help?

Over the next few weeks I plan on adding pages to this site detailing some of the goals, outlining the aims – trying to give clarity and ‘body’ to what at the moment may sound like just a dream. I promise that this can be a reality – I believe – do you?

In Gratitude




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