New Beginnings


Today saw the official launch/start of If Everyone Cares.

The First 10 people ‘liked’ the facebook page that is dedicated to creating more awareness about the project – Thank you.

Two amazing people David and Jason tirelessly supported me through hours of ‘learning’ so that this day could happen – Thank you :)

And an amazing lady, who I have never met –  yet I have watched hours of her videos, Jo Barnes of The Social Networking Academy, provided me with many of the keys for what to do when I was faced with utter confusion and at times total overwhelm! – Thank you Jo.

So What is next?

Getting the word out there – finding support from just passing the word on or finding people who want to be involved with things like making an awareness video, creating an inspiring campaign, posting on the blog, sharing good news projects, or news about how this project has inspired them … ….

I am open to suggestions, ideas, inspiration. If Everyone Cares is not about any one individual – It is about the bigger picture ~ can you help?

In Gratitude and wishing you a day full of everything good :))

Creating a World that We Are Proud Of ...

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