A Massive Thank You

Thank You – two words made up of only eight letters and one space, yet so full of Gratitude, Love, Inspiration, and as many of the positive words that you can find in the dictionary! And each of those words is full of that feeling you get inside when life seems as though it couldn’t get any better! (Yes I have used two exclamation marks in two sentences – because I mean it! – opps there’s a third! oh and a forth)

This last couple of weeks have been amazing. I am still blown away by the volume of  incredible support, love and willingness to take action that so many people have shown during the Brian Tracy Guest Blogger competition. Due to all of your support – I have been named the winner!  – (http://www.briantracy.com/blog/general/the-guest-blog-contest-winner-is). I could not have achieved this without each one of you –  oh and of course it goes without saying I couldn’t have done it without Mr Brian Tracy – who provided this incredible opportunity in the first place. A Huge Thank you to Brian :))

Many have never met me, yet they responded, out of the kindness of their hearts, when I sent out a request for help. They took time out of their lives to assit a stranger! And in the process their actions have become part of a bigger picture.

Some of you may not know the reason behind my entry into the competition, so just in case here is a little bit.

Yes – there is the fact that I know the ANTs -v- CATs visualisation works and I wanted to spread the word so that it can benefit as many people as possible.

However there is more.

Recently I put my heart on my sleeve, took a massive leap of faith and risked looking a fool by  launching my dream  ~ A ‘Pay-it-Forward’ Project ~  If Everyone Cares ~ via a website and a facebook page. I decided to take action, stop sitting back,  just talking and wishing things were different and  actually do something. In the past I had had lots of thoughts and conversations with people who felt the same and I felt as though ‘well who am I to do this?’ – when really my thoughts should have been ‘Who am I not to!’

So you may be saying, Jaki what is If Everyone Cares about, what are the aims/goals?

I would like to be part of creating a new ‘Global Language’ – no I don’t mean like English or French – I mean ~ Caring, Contribution, Community, Co-opperation, Collaboration and so much more. because I know that Together We Can Create A World That We Are Proud Of. I know that this decade can go down in the history books as The Decade of Change! The Decade where the tide turned and we stop sitting back being comfortable with our discomfort or frustration at how some things are … …  Oh I could go on and on and often do!!

To start with some of the aims/goals are –

  • Have every Non-Proffit, Charity, Community Project or similar pin pointed on an Interactive Global Community Map – using similar technology to that used by Google Earth – That way we can support, know where to go if we need help, see what works and be inspired to set up similar projects in our communities etc
  • Create an International Database of all Projects and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Create a resource pack for anyone wanting to start a project
  • Highlight some of the amazing projects that go on all over the world – bring them to our attention
  • Highlight some of the unsung heroes who give everyday without the expectation of reward or return
  • Create an International If Everyone Cares Day – where we all do something to give back to our community
  • And so much more – this is just the tip of the iceberg … …

Some of the above things have already been started by some amazing organisations and individuals, for example the resource pack. The Aim would be to collaborate, bring everything together in one place, work together, not try to re-invent the wheel – why make work! – ‘If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it!’

Each and every one of our actions or re-actions has an effect on the world around us – It creates a Ripple Effect or you may like to think of it as The Butterfly Effect. Just think for one moment – has just the look that someone gave you ever changed how you felt? You know like a frown or a smile, lifting your mood up or bringing it down.  Now imagine if each and everyone of us took the equivalent of just one minute a day to do something that would lift another person up – do you think that would make a change in the world? I do if you were to multiply that by just 0.1 percent of the population it would still be enormous – it just takes people making the decision and then taking action.

May I ask you a quick unrelated question? I am going to assume you said yes!

There are five frogs sitting on a lilly pad. One decided to leap off. How many are left?

Did you say 4? – sorry wrong

Did you say none – because the others either followed or fell off at the same time! – sorry wrong

Did you say 5 – Yay correct :))))

You see one of them only decided to leap off. He did not actually take action!

Talking about taking action – I would like to ask you to take one or two simple actions now, you choose –

  • Please join our facebook community, follow the link and just click like – it is that simple
  • Please leave a comment of support below – it helps to encourage others :)
  • Visit this regularly, maybe sign up to our mailing list and/or click networked blogs to be informed of new posts
  • Share with your friends, you can always tell them you know this crazy woman who believes that if we can create change – she believes that Together We Can
  • ………

If Everyone Cares started because of one dilemma, two films, three youtube videos, four television programmes, five quotes and a whole host of Inspirational Mentors! – I may have that the wrong way round however I will share more in another  blog :))

In Total Gratitude for your support – remember that  … … If Everyone Cares ~ Together We Can … … …

PS – If you are one of the people in the picture above or if you support If Everyone Cares – please go to our facebook page, click on the picture and ‘tag’ yourself in it :)) Thanks


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