The Latest Update – Feb 2012

It has been a couple of weeks since the last If Everyone Cares Update – please accept my apologies. as well as keeping up-to-date with all of the things that are going on in the background for IEC, a bug laid me low and then I had a ‘flying’ trip to America to spend a couple of days with a group of amazing women who are part of the fastest growing online women’s network and who are also helping to co-ordinate 1000 Global Women’s Summits around the world during 2012!

Critical News

No 3 on the Top 10 Leader-Board – February 2012

Update on ~ If Everyone Cares’ entry into the Richard Branson and Virgin Unite‘s challenge, to ‘Screw Business as Usual’ – by bringing more meaning to our lives and helping change the world at the same time. Voting and support has been amazing – our entry has passed 5000 votes, which is a brilliant achievement and a testament to each of you – for taking action – Thank you.

We are officially in 3rd Place on the top 10 Leader-board.

If Everyone Cares is not ‘safe’ in the voting process. It is important for our entry to continue receiving votes right up until the end of the challenge. it is not a matter of being ‘number 1’ and getting the most votes – that misses the point of the challenge (in my opinion). If Everyone Cares truly believes that each of your votes is you saying something along the lines of ~

‘Yes, I like this idea, I see the value of creating an Interactive Global Community Map, I can envisage the number of lives that will be positively impacted by it’s creation. I am using my vote as my voice – I  support the concept and want to see it become a reality’

If you have received one of my personal emails you will know that I did not just ask you to go ‘blindly’ and vote – I gave you an outline of the concept and then asked you to vote if you ‘liked’ the idea and saw the potential value of the Interactive Global Community Map.

At the end of the challenge the top ideas will then be judged by an independent judging panel who will select the Grand Prize winner. So if I am honest it truly is your voice that counts – we could have all of the votes in the world – yet if there is no genuine support for the concept then that will come across and will be taken into account in the final judging part of this challenge.

Why Did You Vote?

Please may I ask you to either leave a comment at the bottom of this blog or on our Facebook Page (you could do both!) and tell us why you voted – what difference/benefits do you think having An Interactive Global Community Map will have? Whose lives will it touch? Would it benefit your life?

A reminder of Some of our initial aims and goals ~

  • To provide a way to unite those who need help with those who want to help
  • Create a Global Database of every Project and Volunteer Opportunity
  • To have every Non-Profit, Charity, Community Project or similar organization pinpointed on an interactive Global Community Map, similar to  Google Earth – This way we can:
    • Support those people/communities who need help
    • Know where to go if help is needed
    • See what works and gain inspiration to set up similar projects in our own communities
  • Create a simple yet comprehensive resource pack for anyone who wishes to start their own community-based project
  • Highlight some of the amazing projects that go on all over the world thereby making them visible to those who are able to help or may need help
  • Highlight some of the unsung heroes who dedicate their time and energy every day without expectation of reward or return.
  • Create a Global ‘If Everyone Cares Day’ where we are all able to do something to give back to our own communities.
  • Create an on-line forum – a place where you can share news of your projects, obtain news of other projects, participate in those you are able to support, and communicate with other like-minded people.
  • And so much more – as this is just the tip of the iceberg for a wonderful future … …

Thank you in advance for taking time to leave a comment – here is the link to our Facebook Page – Click Here

In Gratitude

 and the Team at IEC

PS – A quick reminder – 12 months ago this was just an idea – a dream. Now 12 months later with no budget, with amazing volunteers, with no experience of something this big or of Social Media, Website development and all that this project entails ~  If Everyone Cares has nearly 5000 followers on Facebook another 4000+ on Twitter and we are in 3rd position in the Richard Branson & Virgin Unite Challenge. Momentum is building, support is growing – Remember ~

From Acorns do Mighty Oaks Grow

Together We Can ~ Together We Will ~ Be the Decade that Goes Down In History as The Decade of Change ~ We Really Can Be the Change That We Want to See in The World.

Have A Great Day ~ Your Support has Made Mine!

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