Keeping Our Eye on The Real Prize

Yes – If Everyone Cares freely admits that it was ‘disappointed’ at not being named the official winner in the Richard Branson and Virgin Unite Challenge to Screw Business as Usual. Yet during the final 10 days of the challenge we began to realise that perhaps we really did not fit the true remit of the challenge.

You may ask why do I say that ~

IEC isn’t a business in the ‘True’ sense of the meaning – it has never been our intention to make a profit, to make a quick ‘buck’, to … … however you want to phrase it. Yet within our framework we believe we have the ability to become self-sustainable through revenue within 3 years.

What ‘Service’ will we be providing – Yes our goals are to bring together every single Charity, non-Profit and Community Project in the world on an Interactive Global Community Map – therefore helping those who need help to find it, helping those who want to help to find where to, …. … … – Yet in my opinion the service is not one to be ‘sold’ ~ it should be ‘Given’ – therefore we may not be considered to be a business.

During our journey in the challenge we realised that just by entering we were winning – On a personal basis I was having to step outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis! There were days when we came across business tactics that did not resonate with our integrity and it became necessary to face the ‘reality’ of the steps people will take to be successful – we also knew that we did not have to subscribe to them ourselves! We discovered thousands more people who believed in and supported our goals.

We also heard the voices of sceptics who told us that ‘Big Business’ would never allow us to achieve our long term goals as it would not benefit them. Some people even suggested that some of the Big Charities would challenge us!

I admit that there were and are days when I feel like hiding away as this just feels so big, so daunting, so scary, so terrifying! I admit that sometimes I wonder if I am a crazy woman who should be certified! I mean who the heck am I to believe and have faith in the fact that out there, in the big wide world, there really is someone or a group of ‘someones’ who would want to support our aims and help us to prove that each of us is not part of the ‘problem’ – but an integral part of the solution!

“I am learning that sometimes you just have to take a step forward in faith”

–  what is the worst that can happen to me – I could lose my home, become the ‘butt’ of jokes, end up with no career, be a laughing stock and fail … … … … or I could prove that one voice can become two, can become three, can become 100, 1000, 100,000, 1 million and more.

If Everyone Cares raised its profile during the Virgin Unite Challenge – just because we weren’t the overall winner does not mean that we did not win, it does not mean that we failed – it just means that we have to step up and take the next step forward and if we join our voices together – someone will here us and help us to Do Business Differently ~ By Doing Good – because ~

The Decade of Change

How You Can Help ~

Do you know someone who can support us?

Do have any great contacts – who may be able to help us?

Are you a journalist – please write about us!

Do you have a skill that will help us? Accountancy, Media, Legal, Strategic Planning, Copy-writing, Graphics ..

Do You have twitter, facebook, youtube, Google+ etc – please join us and share our posts, blogs, tweets etc – help us to raise awareness – because Your voice and input is Important!

Remember ~ Together We Can 

In Gratitude

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares :)

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