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Screw Business As Usual by Richard Branson

One amazing side-effect of entering the Richard Branson and Virgin Unite Challenge is that it has generated so much interest and support for our aims. Feedback has been incredible! So positive. The reactions from people that I have never met before have been such that it makes me even more determined to see us succeed.
Occasionally someone has said “Great idea – but too big” – I agree totally! Yet there is no rule that says big dreams can’t succeed! In fact there is a wonderful quote that says ~

Shoot for the Moon

Even if you Miss

You’ll Land Among the Stars!

So we are aiming for the moon and beyond!

During this last week I was interviewed by Sara Jane from “The Spirit Of …” It was great fun. Sara had asked me what questions would I like to be asked, however I am not very good at preparing for speaking! I like to do things ‘off the cuff’. But I’ll tell you more about that in a minute – first of all – here is the video.

I hope that the video answered any questions you may have. If you still have some then please feel free to leave more questions in the comments section below, or on our facebook page.

Another amazing this that happened during the week was that our Facebook ‘Like’ Votes on our Virgin Unite Challenge Video Entry passed the 2000 mark. This felt like such an achievement. There were excited emails going backwards and forwards between myself and our two amazing volunteers! I know that may seem ‘childish’ but we believe it is important to celebrate goal pasts – and passing the 2000 mark was one of ours :)

If Everyone Cares 2000 Screen Shot

If Everyone Cares 2000 Facebook Likes

Back to me telling you that I don’t like to prepare for speaking! It’s true. I still get panic attacks if I have to prepare speeches. I make sure I know my ‘subject’ to the best of my ability and then just ‘go for it’. I think the panic is linked to my school days when I was given poetry to learn! You see at that stage no one realised that I had dyslexia. I was ‘bright’ and articulate – but classed as ‘lazy’! Now I am not telling you this as a sob story – far from it. The beauty is that I had to learn strategies around certain things in life and that makes me think on my feet and be observant. My dyslexia has never been formerly diagnosed – it was picked up when my daughter was diagnosed with it, at the age of 6, when I mentioned that I still did not know my left and right – I still have to look at which wrist my watch is on to know and if I don’t have a watch on I am stuck!!! So many things slipped into place in that moment, things that other people take for granted. it took a few years (over 10!) for me to feel comfortable with what some may call ‘limitations’, yet I now call them gifts :) Anyway enough of that – I can have the tendency to ‘waffle on’.

Please feel free to leave questions and comments below – or come to join us on our facebook page.

In Gratitude and Wishing you a Wonderful Day

 and the Team at IEC

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