X – Global Community Map

One of If Everyone Cares’ main aims is to find a way to have every single Charity, Non-Profit and/or Community Project in the World, Pin Pointed on an Interactive Global Community Map by using technology similar to that of Google Earth.

The reasons –

  • The is no single database anywhere that highlights all projects
  • If You need help or support at this point in time do you know where to go to?
  • If you want to volunteer in your community – where do you start to find the project that matches your skills or interests?
  • You decide there is a need for a project in your community – however you would love to see what others have achieved, yet you don’t know how to find them

These are just the tip of the iceberg – I am sure that you will be able to think of many more benefits. A Global Community Map would be the ideal solution, unless you can think of something else.The technology already exists, so let’s use it to strengthen communities and support them around the Globe. As long as people can access a computer or mobile phone they can find what/where they need, when they need it.

So How Can You Help?

Firstly you may be a programmer and have experience with creating this type of technology?

Or Perhaps you know some one who knows someone who is?

You may be the CEO, or similar, of a company who would like to be the official sponsor of the Global Community Map

Are you amazing at designing and creating massive databases? for more info on what IEC needs click here

Have you got any more ideas regarding the type of questions I should be asking?

You may not realise it – but maybe a friend of a friend knows someone and by tweeting this page, or liking it so that it is posted on your wall may just get it to the person we need.

You – Yes You – may be the person that makes this happen – just by clicking like – or sharing the link – or tweeting. Technology today is amazing, yet without that click of your mouse …. so please pass this on, help it to be spread out so that the chances of this happening sooner rather than later are increased!!

In Gratitude and Wishing you a wonderful day

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares Team