Food Revolution Day – May 19th

Did you know that May 19th is International Food Revolution Day?

Until a few moments ago I didn’t!

I dare you to watch this video and then get involved – even if it is just within your home, your family.

Let me be honest here – If we (IEC) had not been involved with the Virgin Unite and Richard Branson challenge at the moment I would probably have missed this event! I rarely watch the news as I like to focus on solutions rather than problems.

Some of you may know that at the very beginning of IEC my key focus was children’s education. It evolved as I realised that it was the people on the streets who could inspire change, create movement, generate inspiration, boost motivation … … It was and is the community projects, non-profits and charities that are stepping up to make a difference.

I do not mean it in a dis-respectful way – but I count Jamie Oliver as one of the people on the streets. I respect the fact that he follows a passion and is not scared to ‘say it as he sees it!’ I respect the fact that he is prepared to step up and stand out in the ‘fight’ to bring positive change to the way that people eat around the world.

Why am I so passionate about it? I saw the effect that having a good diet had on my children, one of whom was diagnosed as being on the Aspergers Spectrum – yet through diet we turned that around! I know the effect that food has on me (I have some dietary ‘challenges’ that have become a gift). I struggle with the fact that some children are not able to name basic vegetables! I struggle with the fact that some children do not have access to healthy food … … … my list could go on and on.

So I dare you to step up and join in with Food Revolution day and then make it a regular day a week, then twice a week, then … …. keep going until it becomes a habit!

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In Gratitude

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