Daily Inspiration – We Make A Living

We Make A Living

By What We Get

We Make A Life

By What We Give

~ Sir Winston Churchill

What is important to you in life?

I remember a few years ago thinking about this. When I was growing up I had this ‘skewed’ view on what was important. Surely it was things like having horse riding lessons or the nicest clothes, going to the right places and being seen with the right people!

I look back on those days and feel so shallow for having ever been that person. Life then threw a few hazards and hiccups my way and it wasn’t that good for a while, my confidence disappeared and at times I felt sorry for myself and ‘hard done by’.

Now I am so incredibly grateful for those tough times – they helped me to grow and understand what was important and what wasn’t.

Even if we just share a smile, a touch, a kind word ww can help to make someone else’s life better and in the process our life gets better to.

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In Gratitude

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