Clarity of Purpose

Entering the Richard Branson and Virgin Unite challenge has been an eye opening experience – in more ways than I could have imagined.

In the last update I told you about amazing responses that IEC has had from the over 1000 emails that had been sent out to friends, colleagues, etc. I also told that that from all of those emails there was only one ‘not nice response’ – which in my opinion is an amazing result. From just over 1000 emails, we got over 1000 Facebook ‘Like’ votes and only one negative response!

I also mentioned that I received one other email from a wonderful lady, Jennifer, who said she would not be voting as she felt that the video was not clear enough. This email turned out to be an amazing gift. Jennifer has given me permission to share her actual messages and my response.

Jenifner’s Email

Now I have to admit that when I first read Jennifer’s words my heart went into my mouth – you see I knew that she was right. I speak from the heart, with passion. I know the If Everyone Cares aims and goals as if they were part of my DNA and cellular make up! And sometimes that means I may not express myself with the greatest clarity. I can say here that making the video entry was a challenge because we knew the importance of getting the message across.

We prepared a ‘speech’ that had all of the facts in it – however I have dyslexia and also get panic attacks. Since I was a child I have struggled with learning ‘lines’ – it throws my mind into a whirr and I feel physically ill. IEC’s two wonderful volunteers and I spent a day recording, cutting and splicing video clips and … …  well let’s just say it was a journey. I wasn’t happy with the outcome, it did not have the passion that I feel about IEC in it. So the following morning, during a spare 30 minutes, I set the camera up and just spoke from the heart – It was one take – it was a bit long so I just cut two sections out – and that was the video that went up online. Just a message from the heart – that may not have been totally clear – but was totally genuine.

Back to Jennifer’s message – here is my reply –

My Response

Jennifer and I have been in touch with each other since and her response to my response was great – here is part of the follow up message from my reply. Jennifer shares some great tips – I need to practice as I am a ‘waffler’!!!

A Little Bit More from Jennifer

On a final note – as this is rather a long update – Another knock on effect from this has been that IEC is in the process of putting together its Charity Status application. It has helped us to tighten up our ‘Objects’ – Some of this is new territory for me – the Charity Objects are basically the outline of what IEC is all about, what it intends to achieve, its focus and direction. I will post another update soon – to share those with you.

In the meantime – if you have any comments or questions – please leave them below.

Wishing you a wonderful day

In Gratitude

 and the TEAM at IEC

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