Choosing the Logo for the Interactive Map

The Idea of the creating an Interactive Community Map was made public on 27th March 2011. Nearly 2 years down the line, after moments of euphoria, distress, frustration, success, …. … We are really proud to say that we are getting ready to Launch Phase 1 – populating the map with UK Charities, Not for Profits and Community Projects. We need to start somewhere and as the small team of volunteers are based in the UK – it seems logical to start here.

One of the main things that became apparent during our two years of research was that even though our project is called If Everyone Cares it would not be wise to call the map that, as we plan to expand it internationally. So we needed to find a ‘name’ and ‘identity’ for it.

Thinking hats were put on and, after many ideas had been bounced across the table, we came up with ODODOW – which stands for

One Deed – One Day  – One World.

1 Day ~ 1 Deed ~ 1 World

1 Day ~ 1 Deed ~ 1 World

Part of the inspiration for creating the map was the television program ‘The Secret Millionaire’ – seeing how hard it was at times for the ‘Secret Millionaires’ to locate projects within communities. Also seeing the amazing ‘hidden heroes’ who were making such a huge difference in the lives of people – they really were doing one deed at a time, one day at a time and they were making a difference in the world. ODODOW was born, it isn’t an actual word, it will translate internationally and the meaning behind it is powerful – We believe it will become better known that Google!


Our Existing Logo

Time to choose a Logo! Our budget is really small, so we decided to go to a website called 99Designs. All we needed to do was put together a ‘Design Brief’ and then wait for designers to share their ideas. We were given a guideline that there would be about 60 entries – we ended up with 68 designers who submitted 267 designs!!!! The standard was amazing, the commitment of some of the designers was outstanding. The process was a steep learning curve.

I thought it would be simple, set up the contest and just ‘leave it to run’ and then choose a design. That was not the case. My advice to anyone doing the same is to make sure you have a week when you can devote your time to it. Give feedback, say what works and what doesn’t, think about the quality of the image, the willingness of the designer to make changes, do they ‘hear’ what you are saying, do you want to work with them in the future? Do you know what file formats you want, will the logo shrink or expand well? Will it be suitable for websites, business cards, T-shirts etc … … the list goes on and on.

There were 10 designers that we wanted to put into the final round – yet we were only able to choose 6 – That was hard. We then set up a poll of our favourite 8 designs and asked for feedback from the general public. From that feedback we asked the designers to make more changes and they did.

The last afternoon came – 6 hours until the end of the contest. I had put aside the time to give constant feedback to the designers and then disaster struck, my Granddaughter became ill and we had to go to the hospital. My heart was with my daughter and granddaughter – yet my brain was on the contest. I rang one of our volunteers and asked him if he could give me feedback, he was great. I was torn but knew where I had to be. (My Granddaughter was ok – she needs a few more tests though).

The contest ended just before we got home from the hospital. The results of the Poll were in and it was time to make a choice. Two main designers had been working frantically on final designs and if we had had the money to choose both we would have.

The Winning Design

The Winning Design

Our Reasons –

The picture part of the logo shows a few things –

The Heart – Caring, Support, Love

The Globe – Mapping, United

The Left hand side is a person throwing their arms back in joy and celebration

A Leaf at the bottom of the heart to symbolise growth – which is what we will strive to do constantly – the Interactive Map is just the start of our 10+ year plan!

Then the coloured lettering – It is based on the Chakra colours and symbolises ‘The Whole’ working in harmony. Covering every aspect – not leaving anyone out.

The Wording at the bottom – One Deed, One Day, One World – We believe that if we all start working together then we really can be the change that we want to see in the world.

The Designer was Serihoo

There was another design that was submitted during the last few hours of the contest and it came a very close second – it was by The Jones. He has kindly given us permission to show you his design.

Close Runner Up

We loved the fact that he integrated our existing logo for If Everyone Cares, the colouring of the letters is striking, the flash of blue in the background – there was so much that we liked and it really was a close call.

The Journey to creating the Interactive Map has just moved one more step closer to becoming a reality – and we truly appreciate the support that so many of you are giving us.

1 Day ~ 1 Deed ~ 1 World

1 Day~1 Deed~1 World

Before I sign off – we would like to say a huge Thank you to Wojciech from Studio.Greyfinity at 99Designs who gifted If Everyone Cares the wonderful logo that he created

In Gratitude

 and the Team at If Everyone Cares


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