A Bit More of The Dream

Today I would like to introduce myself properly – I’m Jaki Bent, from a small seaside town in the UK. I am ‘ordinary’ ~ Yet I have a dream that I know from hearing the voices of others and seeing looks of hope mixed with despair many others share with me.

I have a small idea that could turn big and instead of keeping it to myself I am putting it out there – risking looking the fool who lives in a dream world. Yet I still believe.

Are you really happy with the world that we are living in today?
With the example that is being set for the next generation?
With the fear that can hold us back?
With the worry that if we do something good someone will ‘slap’ us with a law suit?
With all of the crazy stuff that is going on?

I’m not and I have a voice – I am sharing it here. Now I have really strong integrity, it is one of my key values in life. I do not intend to be political, biased, or anything else that is negative. So I wondered how a difference could be made.

I have seen some of the amazing things that some of the worlds unsung heros have done, helping others in need, making a difference and paying it forward in extra-ordinary ways and my thought is that … …

If Everyone Cares can be a Hub for creating Universal Recognition (I like to think BIG!) of those people. My initial idea is create an Interactive Global Community Map – Similar to  Google Earth – I don’t know how, but if I put it out there for others to see perhaps we will find the right connection.

Imagine being able to look at an Interactive  Global Community Map and instead of just seeing where hotels and restaurants are, imagine you can see where great projects are working,
imagine if you can see how they make a difference in the lives of others,
imagine if you could replicate that in an area near you,
imagine if you could support it, volunteer, and so much more … …

Now there are great organisations around the globe,(@Rotary International, @Bill Gates, @Comic Relief, @Shelterbox … …) that are making a huge difference – yet there is no one place, that I have found, that collates this – If Everyone Cares could be that hub.

I have so many ideas and I plan to keep working at this, to create a wave of change that helps each of us to smile more because the world is a brighter and lighter place, because we care, we each make a difference, we each have a voice and the ability to act.

All I am asking form you is to keep visiting this page, click like on things you like, leave comments, post videos of inspirational people (no advertising for work or companies please – this is about giving), add pictures of inspiration, pass this page on to others, visit our website or youtube channel … …. …

Oh I could go on and on…. Please lets make a difference, lets start today … …. …. …. and continue tomorrow, the next day and the next … … …

Two Quotes to Leave You With … …


Small Acts When Multiplied by Millions of People Can Transform the World

~ Howard Zinn ~

Our Collective Voice is Millions of times more powerful than our Individual Voices


In Gratitude

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