Connecting Communities - One Click At A Time


Did you know that there are over 200,000 charities & community projects in the UK? Yet there is nowhere that brings that information together in one place so that it can be searched for based on location & need.

​Meaning it's often easier to find a hotel or restaurant on Google Maps than it is to find help and support when you need it most.

Ododow™ - The Interactive Community Map is going to change that. It aims to become the 'Go-To' place for people in need of help or that want to help.

The Community Pledge™

PR & marketing with a clear difference.

You 'join' the community pledge, pay an annual membership fee and in return we will promote your business in a variety of ways while your membership fee is used to fund the running of Ododow™ - The Interactive Community Map which will pin-point UK charities and community projects.

We will help you to raise your business profile, connect with potential customers & fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as giving you the opportunity to win & support community awards.

Investing In Communities

IEC aims to do more than just provide Ododow™ to support people & communities. It will put profit back into those communities via existing & established community foundations.

Just 1500 members & we'll be self-sustainable and 10k will raise in the region of £3m to go back into communities​.

A quick ​example of the potential social impact: Last year Devon Community Foundation provided grants of just over £300k that supported over 53,000 beneficiaries. 

Our Vision

Everything we do is about connecting communities

IEC will be the ‘Go To’ place for everyone who wants to connect with, be supported by and offer support within his or her community. Whether they are in need of help or want to offer help, they will be easily connected through Ododow™ and The Community Pledge™.

IEC is all about facilitating and encouraging cross community collaboration:

People with charities; charities with each other; charities with businesses; businesses with other businesses and people with people.

It will act as the missing link: Connecting Communities One Click at a Time - No matter what the need and for the benefit of everyone.

Ododow™ and The Community Pledge™  Will Help  ...

Need Help

If you have ever needed help and/or support you may have experienced how hard it can be to find when you need it most.

Ododow™ will help you to easily find what support is available within your own community - all with a few clicks of a button, 24hrs a day and free to use.

Want to Help

Have you got some spare time? Would you like to volunteer?

Many people have said that they wanted to see 'who' might need their help locally.
Ododow™ will help you to find  projects* in your community that speak to your heart and match your skills/abilities/likes. 

Connect & Share

Ododow™ will help existing and new projects* to connect. Encouraging them to share their experience, tools, resources, strategies and more.

Potentially helping projects to reduce running costs via strategic collaboration, avoid duplication and provide even more targeted support to those who need it.

Keep it Local

Our research showed that most businesses wanted to help locally - yet they didn't know where to find projects* that needed their support.

Ododow™ will be an ideal 'tool' to help businesses to easily locate local projects* that match their values/interests/skills all with a few clicks of a button.

And All of This Free to Use 24 Hours a Day - Every Day!

*Projects = Charities, Non-Profits and Community Projects - The places that provide help and support :)

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